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Grow abundant, high-quality fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers — even with limited space, water, resources and gardening know-how.


The EarthBox® gardening system


With the patented, award-winning, innovative EarthBox® gardening system families and communities can grow more, bigger, better quality fruit, vegetables and flowers in any location that has adequate sunlight.


Regardless of access to space, water and resources the EarthBox® gardening system can provide individuals and communities with a consistent and cost-effective supply of nutrient rich food … along with the possibility to generate income from selling surplus.


This portable, re-usable, maintenance-free gardening system has a 60% higher yield than a conventional garden, yet it requires half the fertilizer and 40% less water.

Vegatables grown with the EarthBox

The system is:


  • Self-feeding
  • Self-watering
  • Weed resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Big enough to grow any produce
  • Compact enough to fit indoors or outdoors
  • Suitable for subsistence as well as commercial agriculture


" … if you follow the instructions exactly and resist the temptation to second-guess the system,
I promise you the most successful garden of your life."

— Blake Whisenant,
EarthBox® Inventor


How can the EarthBox® gardening system benefit you? If you want to …

Give communities a REAL tool with which to break the cycle of hunger, disease, poverty
and dependency.


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"Perhaps more importantly than all of the impacts,
[they] have learned that they can have a positive effect on their own lives … "

— Benjamin Wood
President, Pathways Projects, Inc.

Take the first step towards getting a marginalized or impoverished community involved in a project that will put food on the table and provide a potential source of income.


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"I have learned how to grow and care for vegetables like cabbages, carrots, tomatoes,
green peppers and so on, without using chemicals on them.
I was happy to learn because I know in the future I can get a job from it."

— Bernard Arko
School for the Deaf, Cape Coast, Ghana

Use EarthBox® gardening system to grow your profits:
  • Produce better crops at lower cost season after season.
  • Add a product to your store that is so environmentally and socially friendly it will virtually sell itself.


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"With the EarthBox, you will be able to grow the maximum volume of agricultural products per acre,
with less water and less fertilizer. Is there anything else you need to know?"

— James "Hoss" Morgan
Procurement / Harvesting Manager for William G. Roe & Sons, Inc.

Grow your own food, with virtually no effort, even if you have no garden.


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"Thanks to EarthBox, I can feed my grandkids fresh,
healthy vegetables and it doesn´t cost me a small fortune."

— Elizabeth H.
Albuquerque, NM

Find out more …

about how the EarthBox® gardening system can benefit you, your organisation or community and stand a chance to win your own starter kit.


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